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Camel bivouac Merzouga : Trips Itineraries Morocco, Camel Trekking, Excursions 4×4

“Camel Bivouac Merzouga agency” owned by “Mobarek” our agency based in Merzouga in the south of Morocco .camel bivouac merzouga We would like to share with you the majesty of the south of Morocco, the majesty of erg chebbi sand dunes ,we offer a selection of trips and camel excursions of varying lengths and destinations to explore and discover the erg chebbi desert on camels …

The desert is another dimension, a world apart from what we know and expect. In the expanse of the dunes there are no distractions to appreciating man’s greatest treasure – his own soul. Nothing exists but the undulating sand, the expansive sky, the moon, the stars and silence…

With “Camel Bivouac Merzouga agency” you will explore and enjoy all that Erg chebbi desert has to offer, crossing the beautiful sand dunes of the sahara and spending nights in the desert beneath a stunning canopy of stars in a traditional nomad bivouac camp.
Our camel trek tours also includes all the important places of the desert, the oases and the berber villages ,. We can arrange your visit to the nomads visit and spend nights with nomad peoples in erg chebbi.

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